Angela's Experience at A'doraBelle Bridal

I had been to many many bridal shops with no luck. Stopped at A'doraBelle one Saturday and worked with Chrissy-- she was absolutely amazing to work with and by far the best service/dress selection out of all the shops I had been to in the area. She stayed in my price range and allowed me some alone time to check out the dresses and make decisions, she didn't just stand over my shoulder the whole time like some other shops. The owner came over and talked with me once I found a dress that I loved and had some questions. They even had the person who does alterations come over and chat with me about some questions I had about alterations and they gave me honest answers when I asked for some things that just wouldn't be able to be done. Even though I didn't end up getting the dress from here; this was by far the best shop that I had gone to out of about 10 places I stopped in. Great selection of dresses, wide variety in price ranges, good system going for trying on and picking out dresses, and awesome service. Thank you ladies so much!

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